engage consumers with INTERACTIVE presentations and games

Standout in Exhibit Halls

"The SPARK you bring to the exhibit is incredibly rare and  valuable to us.  You commanded attention and interest in our booth.  Everyone that came in contact with you left with a great impression of Aisin, thanks to you sharing your energy, talent and spirit with us."

Jenn, Aisin

introduce and demonstrate new technology

Enthusiastic Live Demos

"Everyone enjoyed your dynamic presence. You came in well-prepared... cheerful and ready to go. You knew your stuff backwards and forwards. You are a true professional and an absolute delight."

Diane, GE Healthcare

"I was stressing about planning this event for months. We hired Crystal and she was absolutely unbelievable with a lot of energy, professional and efficient.  She obviously studied and she is just absolutely wonderful to talk to."

Taylor, GE Healthcare

promote brands and products

Energetic Event Host

"Crystal is the best (brand ambassador) I have worked with BY FAR. She is quick, sharp, organized and a natural leader. She brought extreme life to the event with her attitude and overall presence."

Lindsay, Creative State Agency

capture professional media with an engaging personality

No event is complete without a highlight video.

Crystal Sparks works with production teams to capture, host and produce fast-moving, entertaining media that captures the essence of your event. 

Crystal Sparks enthusiastically demonstrates new products and technology at high profile events.

Hear directly from GE Healthcare executives.

Crystal Sparks is a conference emcee who hosts   conferences for nationwide organizations and leaders. 

Hear directly from conference attendees. 

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